The danube delta tourism strategies for

The region is still underdeveloped with regards to the number of accommodation facilities, and their offered services.

European Union Strategy for the Danube Region

This could be an individual or an organization that can make a formal introduction and vouch for the reliability of the company. This translates into constant law changes, bad or no investment from the government in certain areas, like the infrastructure.

Not having a higher education is a big disadvantage for the managerial staff, because their ways of promoting are very limited. In order to gather enough data for the research, statistics were gathered from National Statistics Agencies, and internal statistics within different companies.

The bird watching season lasts from early spring to late summer. The danube delta tourism strategies for upward trend was noticed since As mentioned above, the new regulations are stricter, and the business owners have to prove they have followed their business plan.

Romania: Danube Delta Integrated Sustainable Development Strategy

Map created in Climate[ edit ] The climate of the Danube Delta is continental, with strong influences from the vicinity of the Black Sea and its prevalent amphibian environment. Rank is extremely important in business relationships and you must keep rank differences in mind when communicating.

This research paper shows that increasing the occupancy rate of the hotel is possible during the following years, by putting into practice the findings from the analyses.

Using natural dynamics as drivers of change One of the least populated areas in Europe, the Danube Delta offers a unique opportunity to restore a whole spectrum of biodiverse habitats — from open estuarine systems, naturally grazed grassland and vast reed beds through to freshwater marshes, coastal lagoons, shallow lakes and riverine forests.

Being away from the city, losing key personnel means it will be hard to find a replacement, because of the big distance to the city, and the low qualifications of the local workers.

Danube Delta

All the above etiquettes and conducts should be known by the involved people in the tourism industry, prior to the first Chinese group arriving in the Delta. On a practical level, during communism there was close to zero international tourism in Romania.

Before a business meeting it is a good idea to send a presentation that describes the company, its history, and literature about the offered products and services.

Send an agenda before the meeting so the Chinese colleagues have the chance to meet with any technical experts prior to the meeting. These would not be offered if Romania would have not entered the European Union in These cultural differences should be passed on by the NGO to the tourism agencies and hospitality facilities in the area.

The Danube Delta ecosystem has undergone a large scale restoration both on the Ukrianian and the Romanian side, mainly through reflooding of former polders and reconnecting large lakes systems with the Danube river dynamics. The Chinese prefer to work with intermediates, until a direct business relationship is established over time.

It is a business that includes a 2 stars hotel, and other activities related with the delta. However, a positive trend can be seen starting withand with the demand is bigger than the supply.

State of Conservation

Being located on the site of seven hills, the Greek ancient name was Aegyssus, dating from the 8th century B. Next, in order for the NGO to be able to implement some of the ideas described in this paper, a need for funding hast to be covered. April to October; some pairs may stay over the winter.

Marketing the hotel via Internet is more on the long term, so the hotel should split the focus between electronic and classic door to door promoting, letters, flyers and the word of mouth. They rather go on shorter periods of stay.However, in terms of tourism in the Danube Delta reservations, there is a number of restrictions, which are designed to protect the area of the future generations’ intrusions.

Key-Words: tourism development, strategies, suitable development. The Danube Delta (Romanian: Delta Dunării pronounced [ˈdelta ˈdunərij] (listen); Ukrainian: Дельта Дунаю, Deľta Dunayu, Ukrainian pronunciation: [dɛlʲˈtɑ dunɑˈju]) is the second largest river delta in Europe, after the Volga Delta, and is the best preserved on the continent.

A dual challenge for the sustainable development of the Danube Delta is the conservation of its ecological assets and improvement of the quality of life for its residents. The Danube Delta is the largest remaining natural delta in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

As a conclusion to the Danube Delta International Seminar on “Culture and Tourism, a factor of Sustainable Development” (20 – 26 September ), UNESCO and the Romanian Authorities decided jointly to launch the project “Integrated Culture and Tourism Strategy for.

European Union Strategy for the Danube Region The Strategy promoting the development of the Danube region was presented on 8 December in the document COM () /4 of. the Danube Delta and the Black Sea), History and Culture (associated with castles/fortresses, churches and urban heritage) and Traditions (associated with Rural ECONOMICS & TOURISM.

The danube delta tourism strategies for
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