Population density, distribution and growth in jamaica essay

Contraception - People are now able to choose when to have children family planning 2. Variation in density of population is classified broadly in three parts as described below.

Task 1 - Study the face above. Some factors that influence population distribution are climate, mineral resources, births and death. The government has introduced vaccination programmes for various diseases; which are available for free in government hospitals.

In the northern plain of India, the soil is regularly enriched by annual floods of the great rivers like the Indus, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra and their tributaries. Cities are filled with buildings, streets traffic and people, while the country is filled with trees, mountains, streams and As far as age breakdowns were concerned, it was reported that People between 15 to 59 years of age are considered as working population.

Jamaica - Population density

After that, the census has been done every ten years. Many remote villages do not have access to medical facilities. In sociology, population means collection of human beings.

Population growth

To show an understanding of the factors that lead to the under and over population of two contrasting countries.

Emigration is migration seen as an the exit of individuals from one region to another where they will settle permanently or temporarily. Urbanization and population concentration go hand-in-hand and are closely related to each other. Bacterial and Viral Population Growth Curves The minimum density, that an area should have to be designated as urban, is persons per sq km.

High mountains and dissected plateaus with rugged relief. While some scholars attach more importance to natural factors, Clarke and Zelinsky are of the view that cultural factors are more prominent in determining the concentration of population in an area.

Jamaica Age structure

On high altitudes, in the Himalayan region, climate is too cold beyond 2, m and population is sparse there. The main factors that make populations grow are births and immigration. Therefore, the population growth rate can be positive or negative.

Areas where over persons are found living per sq. Terrain of land is a potent factor which influences the concentration and growth of population. This results in higher population density. Some of the adverse factors such as steep slope, frequent floods, infertile soils and dense forests counterbalance the positive effect of rainfall.

For example, in the desert, the biomass is relatively small and populations that live in this ecosystem are smaller compared to the same species in environments with a large available biomass.

Growth of population is directly proportional to the development of transport facilities. Study the next subject: The widths of the rectangles diminish as age increases to the tip, which represents the elderly, demonstrating difficult living conditions, precarious healthcare services and a short life expectancy.

The population density in India is persons per sq km. Age pyramids are graphical representations in the form of superposed rectangles which each represents the number of individuals included in age ranges into which a population is divided.

India is projected to surpass China to become the most populous country of the world by Factors Influencing Population Distribution The factors that caused the pattern of population distribution are numerous however there are a few general but important ones.

It may further be emphasised that these factors act in totality and not individually. A higher birth rate coupled with a lower death rate results in an increase in population.Before their analysis, scientists often talked about “density-dependent” and “density-independent” factors affecting growth and shrinkage of animal populations.

Density-dependent factors were ones whose influence on a population changed with its size (numbers in a given habitat = “density”). - Population Density and Distribution A Dot Distribution map is able to show the population density of very small areas.

They don't show the country as a whole, but show the little regions where people are concentrated. Population Growth] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Overpopulation - There are 6 billion.

Between andJamaica's average annual rate of population growth was percent, a relatively low rate in comparison with other developing countries. In the rate of population growth had dropped farther, to percent.

Jamaica's population growth has been fairly unstable over the last 50 years with a lot of ups and downs, including a very steep drop from to Over the past 15 years, Jamaica's population growth has slowed dramatically. Dec 11,  · exponential population growth logistic population growth density dependent environmental resistance factors density independent environmental resistance factors.

Source(s): More money = better education = better jobs = financial restraints = need for contraception = population control. mcfox · 1 decade ago. 3. Thumbs up.

2 Status: Resolved. The difference between the real population growth curve (number of individuals x time) and population growth according to the biotic potential curve of a given population is a .

Population density, distribution and growth in jamaica essay
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