Optical tweezers thesis

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It was necessary to construct a custom compressed air system to isolate the optical table from surrounding vibration so that we can accurately measure the pico-newton scale forces that are observed in biological systems. In all cases the Ref. The study of mechanotransduction in biological systems is critical to understanding the coupling between mechanical forces and biochemical reactions.

For reproduction of material from PPS: These last type of experiments exhibit large hysteresis and irreversibility. By doing so, I was able to monitor the oxygenation cycle of heme proteins reversibly over an extended period of time, confirming that the set-up meets the demand of physiological conditions.

Thus, an oscillating optical tweezer capable of applying time varying force and manipulating the cell cytoskeleton was developed in order to measure the mechanical properties and structural changes of single epithelial cancer cells and blood cancer cells.

This discipline has experienced a revolution thanks to the development of single-molecule techniques. We thus use photophoretic forces to trap printer toner particles by illuminating them with light at a wavelength where the particles absorb.

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Thesis Summary Molecular biophysics is a scientific discipline that studies biomolecules. In the last two decades optical tweezers have been used extensively in biophysics and atomic physics to study the building blocks of our world on the cellular and quantum levels.

Therapeutic agent evaluation Abstract: Due to the recent advances in single molecule technology, it is now possible to probe such mechanisms at the single molecule level.

Mechanical Modeling and Characterization of Cancer Cells Using Optical Tweezers

Directing both beams in symmetrical and equidistant paths with the help of optical elements, the beams were overlapped in a counter propagating orientation. We could also manipulate particles in the radial direction at velocity of 0.

Optical tweezers are here to stay

Differently from the previous experiments, the unzipping of DNA can also be performed at controlled force. Identification of volume phase transition of a single microgel.

The third and final part of this work will describe a basic mechanotransduction experiment using the well-studied ZIF protein-DNA system. Preview Text corrected thesis for re-checking Jack version 4.

The DNA is a biomolecule that forms a double helix that stores the genetic information of the cells.In the first half of this thesis, we describe our study of the elongation dynamics of E.

coli RNA polymerase using optical tweezers.

Laser Tweezers

Optical tweezers constitute an important tool in modern biophysical research, as they allow the manipulation and tracking of individual molecules, such as enzymes that. Single beam and holographic optical tweezer micromanipulation have been explored. The single beam system used was a simple, compact, easy-to-use, safe and robust optical tweezer setup mounted on a standard research grade light microscope.

M.S. Thesis. Development of a Multi-axis Feature Extraction System for Interfacing CAD and CAPP. Optical tweezers Optical fabrication and manipulation Optical assembly Plasmonic tweezers. M.S. Thesis.

Manipulation and assembly of three-dimensional microparts produced by two-photon photopolymerization. Stability, scaling and temperature in double-well optical tweezers. In: Quantum Electronics Conference & Lasers and electro-optics (CLEO/IQEC/Pacific Rim), incorporating the Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy and the Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology.

High-refractive index particles in counter-propagating optical tweezers | manipulation and forces | Astrid van der Horst, Ph.D. thesis Utrecht University, September In this thesis we discuss how the construction and assembly of the dual beam optical tweezers is done from start to finish.

Construction consisted of assembling a polarization maintaining laser. This was then split into two to create a dual beam effect.

Optical tweezers thesis
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