Montana 1948 response essay

As a result of Wes arresting Frank, it causes further complications within the family. Furthermore Ollie Young Bear was an Indian but he was accepted from the whites because he lived as white.

Finally, the keepers of the law, Sheriff Wesley Hayden and his deputy Len McAuley must hold responsibility for what events went wrong during the summer on It is where men have the kind of power that leads to corrupt behaviour which is at the core of Montana As sheriff, Wes had a duty to ensure the law was being upheld equally for both races.

Montana 1948

Watson suggests that it takes courage to defend the rights of the victims, often against an outspoken majority, or against family members.

David learns the moral values of responsibility, Montana 1948 response essay, protection and trust, whilst Julian provided an environment of greed, power, jealousy and deceit for his sons. However, Len failed to uphold his role as Deputy Sheriff, which acted upon his role in the tragedy. As a result of Wes arresting Frank, it causes further complications Montana 1948 response essay the family.

Within the text there are external factors contributing to the behaviour of the main characters that need to be explored. David and his family also suffered from the immoral activity and the subsequent legal proceedings pursued against Frank.

Montana 1948

His decision to prosecute Frank is met with scorn and contempt. Wesley locks Frank up in the basement the next day, trying to spare him the embarrassment of being imprisoned in a jail cell.

Montana 1948 Essay Topics

David and his parents have dinner a few nights later with Grandpa and Grandma Hayden. Gradually, the parents no longer resort to whispers and it is assumed that David knows.

Below is a list of themes and ideas to help you: They all decide it is best to let Frank go. They are shocked, because Marie had been showing signs of improvement.

Thus, Julian and Frank hold a countless obligation to the events that occurred within the summer of This had already proved the racial treatment within Montana.

Due to the racism treatment the Indians coped from the white people it led Frank to get away with his corruptions.

Finally, the keepers of the law, Sheriff Wesley Hayden and his deputy Len McAuley must hold responsibility for what events went wrong during the summer on Gail, however, is an intelligent, non-prejudiced, upright moral citizen who is a positive and protective role model for her family. One day David notices that Marie Little Soldier, his Native American babysitter and house-keeper, whom he loves dearly, is sick with a cough.

In fact Gail is the only role model for David who does not appear to be racist towards Indians. Julian chose to side with Frank, as he thought very little of the Indians as he considered them to have lower status compared to the whites. Julian and Frank also take part of the blame due to them taking benefit of the power they had.

Montana 1948 by Larry Watson: A Brief Synopsis for Year 11 English

It was Wes himself, who failed to uphold the law, had failed Marie and all the Indian women; therefore he must be blamed for the tragedy, not Montana itself.

David realizes during this process that Wesley already knows his brother is guilty. A common link between the two texts is prejudice that makes justice difficult to achieve.

He realizes Grandpa Hayden has too much influence in this town, and that Frank will never be convicted.

Montana by Larry Watson

Complex Themes and Ideas in Montana Montana explores many complex themes that are aligned with particular characters.

Marie Little Soldier, adored and respected by David, was murdered. It could be argued the novel is not as simple as this. Gail fires a shotgun at them as warning, and luckily Len shows up to head them off in time.

By clearly stating that Montana was not to blame, Sheriff Hayden means that it was the whites in Montana as well as his family and himself who were held responsible from the events that arose within the summer of It is a story of a boy on the threshold of adolescence, awakening to maturity and finding that the adult world is complex and not always fair or just.

Get Access Montana — Larry Watson Question Essay Sample The story is told through the eyes of David Hayden in which we see events that clearly explain that when the truth is not told people and communities suffer. For his students of course, he keeps a straight face and pretends that the text tells the truth: As a woman inGail was on the cutting edge of her society because women were an oppressed powerless group at that time with a low status in society.

As a former sheriff, and one who bequeathed the role to his less-favourite son, Grandfather Julien Hayden believes that criminal proceedings would unnecessarily sully the family name. There were disagreements between Wes and his wife Gail on whether Wes should investigate and prosecute his own brother.

However at the same time David continually contrasts this knowledge with his emotional responses towards his uncle.Essay Montana “Don’t blame Montana!

Montana 1948 – Larry Watson Question Essay Sample

” He said, “Don’t ever blame Montana! ” Who is to blame for the events of ? Discuss Montanaby Larry Watson is novel set in American mid-west that raises a question who was to blame for the tragic events that occurred that summer.

Area of Study 1, Unit 2 – Reading and Comparing Texts. Montana a novel by Larry Watson is a text to be studied by Year 11 English students in Area of Study 1, Unit 2 – Reading and Comparing Texts.

Students are asked to study 2 texts and produce an analytical response to a pair of texts, comparing their presentation of themes, issues and ideas. Below is an essay on "Montana Text Response" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“I could never believe in the rule of law again.” Says David, reflecting on the events of Montana Essay Topics – 1. Montana is considered a coming-of-age story. In what ways is David a child at the beginning of the story? In what ways is he an adult by the time of his Uncle’s death?

2. David’s father’s beliefs and actions change dramatically. At what point does he decide to follow the law rather than remaining. Here's a sample essay response for Montana It will be a good start when preparing for the exam.

Essay 4 To what degree are the main characters in ‘Montana ’ responsible for their own behaviour? The story is narrated by David Hayden, who is 52 at the time he is telling the story, but is only 12 when the events of the story occur.

He recalls the summer of as the summer everything changed for him. Gail is furious, and tells Wesley what Frank has been doing. Wesley is the Mercer County.

Montana 1948 response essay
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