Instagram writing activities

What do you like to do? You and your students may adjust your visibility settings so that your photos and videos are not public. Topics and focus vary, but the main benefit remains the same: It might also make a nice add-on activity for a report on the subject.

You can do this is you like or you could leave them as their original sizes.


Instagram is highly relevant to the students. When we do instagram writing activities SAME exact thing…year after year…the novelty wears off. These are some fun DIY mats for the kids at home or at school in small group work. Take a picture of students re-creating a famous piece of art.

Finally, users have the option to share their photos or videos on Facebook, Twitter, email and other social media sites. Choose some cards and write pronouns, verbs and objects on each card and have the students make as many sentences as they can from the pile another race!

Sentence Writing Activities & Puzzles in Action

We have only recently come to terms with the need to use technology in the classroom. Have your students work in pairs or small groups to complete their lists. Writing Sentence Sticks when you only have a Minute: Twitter chats are a creative way writers can use social media to connect with other writers, expand their sphere of influence, and share their knowledge.

Lots and LOTS of options. There are a few reasons why I love this resource: Get the students to draw pictures to illustrate the sentences instagram writing activities each week have the students vote on the best picture illustrated.

Use across the Curriculum They can be used in a variety of ways across the curriculum. Click on any picture to download it! One more thing to make it fun. These can include interviews and even video coverage.

By tweaking their learning and making it more relevant to them, they are more likely to remain engaged and motivated. One more thing to keep them engaged. You can snag quotes and create simple, but beautiful, images. Featured Worksheets Worksheet 5 is a blank template.

Start to use just the rolling dice and making sentences orally before students may be ready to write sentences. However, this will be perfect for my 1st grader! Our sight word scramble unscrambling sight words is another fun activity that helps a child automatically recognize sight words.

These are a lot of fun for kids! The Write Life even has its own Facebook groupfilled with inspiring writers. Use this worksheet if you are working on a specific set of sight words. If you are a writer looking to get noticed or inspired, here are seven creative ways you can use social media to do so!

You want to make your first impression for readers landing on your profile a positive one. Social Media is a fantastic tool. I love this part because students are able to think of specific keywords that describe their post. Or do we believe that we somehow can rise above social media and be successful without it?

You have characters to make your point. Post an interesting photo and have them caption it in the comments; the best caption wins a prize! September 8, Social media is woven into our lives. Kids are usually instructed to bring one item to show to the class and to talk about it.

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Guided writing helps kids to see what’s possible with writing. Often kids’ physical writing skills and stamina don’t match their creativity and voice.

When we take on the physical act of writing, our kids can focus on content and specific rules. Are You Teaching Basic Writing Skills? Even though our students think texting is the same as writing, we know differently. We need to have the best materials to teach the mechanics of.

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Instagram revolutionized photography with an engaging and simple social platform that allows photo editing and sharing. Use this free app in your classroom with both smartphones and tablets. Use this free app in your classroom with both smartphones and tablets.

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Instagram writing activities
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