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Max gave excellent attention to detail and one could tell she was extremely knowledgeable in her field. Every single freelance editor on the Reedsy marketplace freelance novel editing services been carefully selected. Again, you must do your homework. I am now a success story.

If the answer is no, you need one!

Editing Services

Your suggestions were so helpful. These and a million more questions ran through my head.

Thorough Editing

The upside of hourly billing is that it encourages editors to be thorough — this can be extremely important if the writing requires a lot of rewrite and reorganization. I was thrilled to receive many responses from agents and ultimately, two offers of representation.

The same writers who usually need the same amount of editing. This is such a major milestone accomplished and I feel I am in very good hands. But bear this in mind: Thanks again for all your editing help.

Levine of the Paul S. If staff members are busy with other clients and you go to voice mail, please leave a detailed message, including the length and type of your manuscript genre, as in literary, sci-fi, romance, mystery, or etc.

Lynn Curtis

Structural editing, copy editing, proofreading, manuscript assessment and development. Grammar, punctuation, proper use of slang, and popular sayings—need to know the origins of a word?

Looking for a professional developmental editor?

This allows me to copyedit your newest material and give you feedback on your changes, ensuring that every bit of your manuscript is consistent in quality and style.

Editors usually charge one of three ways: Why do I charge by the word instead of by the hour? She has an amazing education and the professional experience freelance novel editing services help even the most clueless writer get their work into the hands of eager readers. The appropriate Pro Novel fiction expert will be in touch shortly.

An editor will go through your letter and the first pages of your manuscript and offer advice on how to make them more appealing to agents. James Ramsey Working with Maxann has made the stress of publishing that much easier in that I know I am giving my readers a better quality reading experience.

AJ helps authors lift their writing to the next level by providing advice on developmental issues such as story, plot and character.

Skilled medical and science editors are even more scarce, and their rates reflect it. This is a clear conflict of interest. If I were an author trying to budget and price compare, I would want to know up front exactly how much money to save up!

His understanding of the components of a successful query made all the difference, and the revisions he suggested, I know, allowed my query to garner the attention of great agents. She was a pleasure to work with and her vast knowledge of the industry can only be considered a huge plus to any author trying to hone their craft.

The downsides of hourly billing are twofold: Definitely recommend her for all of your editing needs! This makes it impossible for you to verify your editor's credentials, or whether he or she has experience appropriate to your work.

Agent Jessica Sinsheimer of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency found that pitch there, and a few months later, asked me to sign with her. Were there plot holes? You are invited to include the first pages of your novel manuscript as an e-mail attachment for a sample edit and price quote, or you can simply ask any questions you might have about our novel editing services.

As soon as I made that decision, I knew there was no one else I would rather have by my side when I took the leap. Something else to keep in mind: Thanks for all your help. We are blessed to have found an ideal agent: However, choosing from among the many honest print companies entails due diligence as well.

Was the dialogue believable?Book editing services and developmental editing from manuscript editor and former literary agent Mary Kole. I began my career freelance writing for newspapers and magazines, including the Los Angeles Times. While pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco, I interned at my first literary agency.

As a freelance editor, I work for literary agents, publishers and authors in a variety of ways, including ghost writing, re-writing, abridging, structural editing, line-editing and copy-editing. I am happy to work in close collaboration with the author, or strictly behind the scenes.

If you are writing a novel, a short story, a children’s book, non-fiction, a script or screenplay, short stories or poetry and would like guidance and support, an assessment will provide practical guidelines for self-editing, and give developmental and structural advice about basic narrative elements, showing you what you’re doing well.

Richard Andrews' Editing and Proofreading Services

Pro Novel Editing Services will treat your book with paramount respect and personal attention. We will never share your personal information, your writing, or our editorial relationship with anyone.

We will provide you a signed service agreement so you can see the particulars of the editorial services to be rendered, estimated turnaround, and. Freelance editors work with new writers (or even experienced ones) to polish their novel or non-fiction manuscript before it gets submitted to literary agents or publishers.

Book editing services in India: Are you paying too much?

They could charge on a fixed fee or an hourly fee basis. Responses to How Should You Charge for Freelance Editing It’s really a marketing move, so I’d charge about what you’d charge for these services in general. You could provide a discount to friends and family, though.

Like you said, it depends on the type of editing you will be doing. Additionally, with book editing, you might.

Freelance novel editing services
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